Fic: Float Like A Feather
Title: Float Like A Feather
Length: 1,198 words
Spoilers:Up to Sectionals
Summary: Mike has a problem.

Warning: Eating Disorders

Author's Notes: A prompt from glee_angst_meme. Mike: eating disorder. (Anorexia or bulimia.) He faints in the middle of practice. This is my first attempt at writing angst. (Even though I created the Glee Angst Meme). I mostly write fluff. I listened to Radiohead's "Creep" and "High and Dry" while writing this, if anyone is curious.

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Fic: Every Little Thing He Does Is Magic
Title: Every Little Thing He Does Is Magic
Length: 1,853 words
Spoilers:Up to Sectionals
Summary: Quinn used to believe in Magic. Mike Chang is magical. True Story.

Author's note: Ok so this is based on the One or more of the Glee kids gains the ability to do magic! Hijinks ensue. Any pairings fine. prompt from the glee_fluff_meme. Since I'm one biased motherfu- (SHUT YO MOUTH.), I forced one my fave ships on it. And Mike was an obvious choice because duh Harry Shum Jr. is a wizard in real life. A DANCE WIZARD. How else do you explain those magical moves?

Author's note the second: I made a weird backstory and notes for this prompt, so if there is enough interest there could be a follow-up.

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(no subject)
Seems like everytime I put on my scrubs it's an invitation to get hit on. Someone asked for my number when we were in the Delivery Room. And a surgeon elbow deep in guts flirted with me or just like watch me standing watching the procedure.

Looking like a green ninjaCollapse )
The scrubsuit will get you laid.

Fic: I Worry I Won't See Your Face Light Up Again
Q and M: yellow and red
Author's Note: So we never have surgical procedures during oh the last five hours of our shift in the OR since all of them are scheduled in the "GOD WHY AM I AWAKE?" AM. But that just means more fic for y'all. Maybe grdnofevrythng will read this and be inspired with her Fang fic? Requested by the Awesome Anon Who Requests Mike/Quinn Over at the glee_fluff_meme

Title: I Worry I Won't See Your Face Light Up Again
Length: 1,178 words
Spoilers:Up to Sectionals
Summary: Mike and Quinn. Swingset. Nostalgia.

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Ficlet: Look At the Stars See How They Shine For You
So to get this out real quick. Anon at glee_fluff_meme requested Mike/Quinn, Anything and I thought "WHOA. I can totes do anything!" So I gave them a link to some my Fang (their designated ship name) microfics and they asked me to expand some. Here is the first one... It's kinda short, but Mike's adorableness can only be taken in short doses... As always grdnofevrythng is my partner in crime. Shipping these two should maybe be illegal... cuz too cute.

Title: Look At The Stars See How They Shine For You
Length: 384
Spoilers:Up to Sectionals
Summary: Mike makes Quinn feel special.

Disclaimer: If I owned Glee, I would give Mike Chang more lines.

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Let Me Learn You Something...
No one wants to wake up to zombies eating their legs.

With that weird obvious truth. A memeCollapse )

Fic: As Many Times As I Blink I'll Think Of You Fang Microfic
Well, thanks to awesomeness of Mike Chang on the_glitter (PS whoever role played him was awesome. :D ) I totally ship him with pretty much anyone now. But most especially Quinn Fabray. Also thanks to grdnofevrythng for shipping Fang with me and introducing me to the concept of microfics. And many thanks goes to the boring 0600 h-1400h shift in the Operating Room where all the surgeries happened during the first hour and then NOTHING HAPPENED, so I just wrote bits and pieces of my WIPS in my tiny notebook. I entertained myself with coming up with these things. /Babble

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Fic: I Could Be Your Lois Lane
Title: I Could Be Your Lois Lane
Author: jackson_nash
Rating: PG-13
Length: 1,200
Spoilers: Up to Sectionals
Summary: Quinn and Tina take comics very seriously.

Author's Note The much awaited by marshmallowhobo sequel to The Dork Knight. This is unbeta'd so sorry for lameness. Sorry if there is any OCC-ness. And for suck. Since yeah.

Warning: Established Relationship. Extreme dorkiness.

I Could Be Your Lois LaneCollapse )

Remember When We Played This?
SOOO Manang is watching this religious program in the other room and this guy put vegetarianism and Anti-Christ in the same sentence. So to drown out this weird crap. I'm going to play this MEME

Step 1: Put your music player on shuffle.
Step 2: Post the first few lines from the first 30 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing.
Step 3: Strike through the songs when someone guesses both artist and track correctly.
Step 4: For those who are guessing -- looking the lyrics up on a search engine is CHEATING!
Step 5: If you like the game post your own

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Fic: The Dork Knight
Title: The Dork Knight
Rating: PG-13
Length: 824 words
Spoilers: Let's go with all the episodes so far
Summary: Iron Man is a douche.

Author's Note This will fail under the umbrella of the ever popular Quinn is a closet nerd prompt from electrifyus's awesome Fic!Battle!So I have this planned as a series. Because this is a major geekfest. And I'm totally using all my Q/T prompts for this giant Q/R series. (Maybe it's not so giant...) I hope that's cool. This part uses the Quinn/Tina, Quinn is a secret comic book geek, Any and Quinn/Tina, Quinn: "What the hell Civil War? Iron Man is a douche.", Any but Tina doesn't show up until the next part and the "/" becomes a "+". Sorry for the Batman>Ironman fail. He just is ok!
This fic is dedicated to marshmallowhobo, who I've exchanged many tweets with about this and to i_be_travi, who can now facepalm but TOTALLY SUCK IT. GLEE!FIC!, bitch! Because friends, I am now that person that writes fanfiction.

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