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Fic: Echo, Part 7
Title: Echo
Length: this part 632
Spoilers:Up to Hell-o I believe, but let's go with season the one to be safe.
Summary: Rachel Berry was dead to begin with.

Disclaimer: I don't own Glee or any of the characters.

A/N: Taken from a prompt at glee_angst_meme. Also I don't really know how to divide this part up into so yeah apologies. Technically this is like part one in my head but based on my outline, part 3. Yeah... . Also Mike Chang. Potatoes. The pronouns are tricky so more apologies. Flashbacks are in italics.

A/N.2: I have no idea how time flows in the world of Glee. But this story takes place after Quinn had the baby around spring break but before Regionals take place. I give up on understanding it.

Warning: Character Death since it is a major plot point.

Part 6

The silence was starting to get to Rachel, so she said the first thing that came to mind, “I’m sorry.” She didn’t really know what she was apologizing for. She just felt that she had to get the words out there.

Quinn snorted. “Are you really apologizing for getting murdered?”

Of course the blonde would point that out. “Well, no? Hate to be the bearer of bad news and all. That you’re finding out like this. That you’re finding out at all.”

“I don’t know what to say-“

“See. That’s what I mean. I don’t know what to say either. Sorry is all I can come up with and…” Rachel hit the breaks and Mike’s car came to a halt. The car that had been driving behind them, honked their horn and the driver flipped them off as he drove around.

“Ow. A little warning next time, Rachel.” Quinn was shaking out her wrist that she had shot out to stop herself from hitting the dashboard instinctively.

“I remember this street corner.”

The man had made a left at this corner. So did Rachel.

The car started driving through a wooded area, then came to a stop before an abandoned building. Rachel had overheard of this place when the upperclassmen had talked about secluded places to drink. The supposedly haunted tuberculosis hospital was a great site for hosting creepy keggers.

The man turned off the car and walked to her side of the car and pulled Rachel out of the car. The hospital was shaped like a horseshoe, but this wasn’t her lucky day. The wings of the hospital hugged a field of grass long since forgotten except for a small patch of earth that had been worked over. A perfect hole.

Rachel Berry knew that this was going to be her grave.

“Oh Rachel. I’m sorry.”

The two of them were standing in the grass next to the freshly dug earth. The killer didn’t even bother to do that great of a job in burying her, so sure of himself. If someone did eventually find the shallow grave, it wouldn’t be for quite sometime. A coppery sent hung in the air.

Quinn ran into Mike’s arms and began to cry into “his” chest. Her sobs became muffled. Rachel had always wanted to comfort Quinn and hated that it really wasn’t her arms that were holding the blonde. The two of them stood that way for a while.

“Quinn.” The blonde’s name was accompanied by a shiver, felt through the boy’s hoodie.


“Sorry. It’s Mike.” He was looking into her eyes. A warmth was there, but it wasn't Rachel's.

“Oh. No I’m sorry for ruining your shirt.” Quinn pulled away from him and wiped away her tears.

But Mike put his arm around her shoulder.“It’s okay. I hated this shirt. We should probably call the police. Let them know that we found the body- I mean…”

Rachel could tell that Quinn was about to cry again and she was tempted to take control of Mike and give some more reassurance to the girl that everything was going to be ok. That being murdered didn’t hurt. But the truth was it did.

While Mike and Quinn went back to the car, parked down by the driveway to make the call to the police, she remembered what it was like to die.

The knife. That’s what she focused on. It seemed hesitant, indecisive. But then it came to settle at her throat.

“I think I’ll have some fun. Seems a shame to waste it.”

This wasn’t how her first time was supposed to be. It was supposed to be gentle, and loving. She squeezed her eyes shut. The gag preventing the escape of a name. So she said her goodbyes in her head.

The knife moved. In and out, in and out. Each time making a sound.

She was floating, detached. Dying.

To Be Continued

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Wow. I'm speechless. Poor Quinn and poor poor Rachel. I would belive that Mike sees dead people. It's kind of so him. This is brilliant. I hope you continue! It's really sad too. I hope they catch however did it with Rachel's help. And he gets punished for it. :((Are you still writing other angst meme prompts?)

I'm working on them catching the killer. It's already plotted out in outline form. I just need to fill it!

Yeah. I'm writing another prompt that's is Mike-centric, when I'm stuck on this fic.

Thanks so much for reading.

That's good news. :) I don't know if I want Rachel's ghost to leave afterwards or stay with Quinn. The later option is less healthy.

I remember seeing you say that you'd be doing other Rachel/Quinn prompts, but I don't remember which...

Thanks so much for writing!


Seriously, so good. Loved every bit of it. You are just amazing. Brilliant. Superb. Fantastic. I'm running out of adjectives, you've blown my mind so big.

Sorry for blowing you mind. Thank you kindly for the adjectives though.

(Deleted comment)
Your icon is making me feel like a terrible, terrible person. D:

Thank you reading. I do so enjoy distracting people from work.

(Deleted comment)
It's like it was made for this fic.

Omg. Sad face. Please continue this.

Also ICU stealing my Lima Terberculosis Hospital find.

Edited at 2010-06-13 04:51 pm (UTC)

Thanks for the idea though. :)

I'm working, I'm working.

(Deleted comment)
The icon totally fits.

Gah, I know. Despite everything Rachel is going to be dead. :(

Glad you enjoyed reading it.

Duuude, this tears me up, seriously. I want a happy ending, but there isn't really a possibility for the happy ending I want. *sob* But this is sooo awesome. Though I have to ask, was he doing what I think he was doing with that knife? :o


And I'm sorry. The ending is likely to be bittersweet. Excuse me while I go bleach my soul. And then check out my timeshare IN HELL.

Oh thank god lol.

And yeah *sigh*, I figured as much. So sad. But I'm still completely loving this. It's so good.

I'm glad it's good, because I'm pretty sure dead!Rachel would be made worst if the writing was bad. ;)

ARGHHHHHHH no i was so into this story ... how long will I have to wait for the second half lol

Love it! even if it is heart wrenching-ly sad for Quinn and Rachel ..

I know! How sad is this. Curse the glee_angst_meme!

This is great! But it seems like it has no happy ending for R/Q :(
I still cant wait to read it all!

absolutley amazing! cant wait for an update!

Is that a thumbs up? COOL! I didn't even know you could do that. Thanks.

Is this storie somehow based on 'The Lovely Bones'? it kinda reminds me of it.
It's awesome. But it's really sad that we can't wait for a happy ending. :/

It was taken from a prompt on the glee_angst_meme. I love The Lovely Bones and to be honest though I was stuck on what to do with this story until I was on a flight to Dhaka and The Lovely Bones was one of the inflight movies so the scene with Rachel's dads and the detective was inspired by a similar scene in the movie.

My angsty heart is just feeding on this, its so good. I can't wait to read more.

Your poor angsty heart. I hope it gets its fill. Thanks for reading.

GAH! It's the end of the chapter and I'm here without my rock-climbing harness for support, I hope I don't fall off of this CLIFF, oh wells, I guess I'll just HANG here ... catch my drift? XP

Why didn't you continue writing? :(

T^T You neeeeeeed to update bud. This is killing me!

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