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Fic: Echo Part 5
Title: Echo
Length: this part
Spoilers:Up to Hell-o I believe, but let's go with season the one to be safe.
Summary: Rachel Berry was dead to begin with.

Disclaimer: I don't own Glee or any of the characters.

A/N: Taken from a prompt at glee_angst_meme. Also I don't really know how to divide this part up into so yeah apologies. Technically this is like part one in my head but based on my outline, part 3. Yeah... . Also Mike Chang. Potatoes. The pronouns are tricky so more apologies.

A/N.2: I have no idea how time flows in the world of Glee. But this story takes place after Quinn had the baby around spring break but before Regionals take place. I give up on understanding it.

Warning: Character Death since it is a major plot point.

Part 4

Rachel winced at her mistake. Her special name for the blonde girl had just slipped out. She never liked when she called her that, which of course made Rachel use it more.

“Did Rachel tell you that name?” There was a hint of betrayal in her voice.


Again, Rachel felt weird and then she was watching Mike doubled over.

“Mike!” Quinn went over to the boy, noticeably worried at the sudden change in his actions. Sure, he had been acting strange in glee with the sudden outburst and the lame spastic dancing. Not to mention the fact that he had just used Rachel’s pet name for her.

Rachel on the other hand was trying to figure out this whole possession thing. This time she had had control of Mike longer than the first time. Was her host fighting her presence or was it just not possible for one soul to overshadow another. No question about it hurting him.

Mike was now hugging himself, his body rocked with shivers. “Gah! D-don’t that!”

“Well excuse me for caring.” Quinn was annoyed with the boy in front of her. “I was just worried about you.”

Teeth chattering, Mike suddenly took in the presence of the blonde. “Oh. N-n-not you Quinn. Rachel” He pulled his hoodie around himself and began pacing the floor in an attempt to get warm. Suddenly, a spark of realization struck, and stopped him in his tracks. “Oh God…Rachel.”

The brunette was only able to watch her fellow gleemates. “The letter. Come on check your pocket.” But her frantic pointing went unnoticed.

“What about Rachel?’ Quinn was no confused at Mike’s erratic behavior.

“She, she’s dead.” He just came out with out, no other way to say it.

“What!” Quinn wasn’t sure if she heard him right.

“I don’t want to be the one to tell you, but Rachel is dead.”

The subject of this conversation was standing next to the both of them, unseen and unheard. Rachel was in agreement with Mike being straight to the point about the situation, but wished he didn’t have to be. She hoped that Quinn would believe him. The sooner she did, the sooner they could all move forward.

But the blonde just glared at him. “This isn’t funny Mike.”

“I’m not joking!” Quinn flinched at his raised voice. So did Rachel. Both were unused to Mike being anything other than friendly smiles and various dorky expressions.

His expression softened and he sighed. “I died.”

Both girls looked at him, completely thrown by Mike’s confession.

“My uncle’s house used to have a pool. One summer when I was seven, we had a family barbeque. While all the adults were talking, Tina and I were swimming in our little floaties, trying to see who could make the biggest splash.” He smiled at the memory, before getting serious. “Of course I couldn’t let a girl win, so for my next jump, I took a running start. Big splash! But one of my floaties slipped off and I panicked. The last thing I remember was Tina screaming. Luckily my uncle knew CPR but I must have been dead for a couple of seconds. Look as dumb as it sounds, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, I see dead people.” Mike’s face scrunched up as if saying those words left a bad taste in his mouth.

Rachel was shocked at his story. But Quinn was having none of it.

“Seriously.” She waved her arms around the music room. “Is Rachel in the room right now?”

“I don’t appreciate the sarcasm.”

“Well is she?” The blonde was quickly losing her patience.

“I guess so. I mean I can’t really see ghosts all the time. Sometimes they’re solid looking, like in the movies. But most of the time if I see them at all, they,” Mike paused trying to think of how to explain it, “they’re transparent and flicker in and out. Like a candle in the wind. Echoes of someone that used to be alive.”

Quinn just stood there. Rachel held her breath, a gesture that was more out of habit rather than necessity. She hoped that the other girl would believe Mike now.

“Screw you Chang.” Quinn clenched her jaws, maybe to bite back more angry words from spilling forth. She turned to leave the music room.

“Wait. Quinn!” Rachel reached for her but as expected her hand passed through the other girl’s shoulder. She was torn between following the girl she cared for or staying with the boy that could help her. In a move she thought she would never have to make again, Rachel chose a boy over Quinn.

Mike, on the other hand, had made no attempt to stop the blonde. Rachel turned on him.

“You have to go after her.” The brunette shook her hand at the door Quinn had just left through. “Just don’t stand there.”

He did just that. With a sigh, Mike shoved his hands in the pockets of his hoodie. He was puzzled when he felt something that hadn’t been there before. He pulled it out.

“Oh now you find my letter. Your timing is impeccable.” Rachel had managed to lean against the piano with out falling through it and watched as Mike unfolded the piece of paper and began to read it reading quietly. She could tell he had finished when he grabbed his backpack and suddenly ran out of the music room. The brunette had no choice but to follow him. She didn’t want to lose him, and waste time finding him later.

Part 6

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Pool little Chang lost his floatie. Aww.

But he gained a superpower! Haha. I wish I could draw because the image of the lil Asians in swim gear is too cute.

PS. I should post this at the R/Q comm yeah?

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