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Fic: Echo Part 3
Title: Echo
Length: this part 1045
Spoilers:Up to Hell-o I believe, but let's go with season the one to be safe.
Summary: Rachel Berry was dead to begin with.

A/N: Taken from a prompt at glee_angst_meme. Also I don't really know how to divide this part up into so yeah apologies. Technically this is like part one in my head but based on my outline, part 3. Yeah... . Also Mike Chang. Aloo

Disclaimer: I don't own Glee or any of the characters.

Warning: Character Death since it is a major plot point.

Part 2

So Mike could talk to ghosts or at least see them. She would have to try that because she was desperate. Taking the advice of an obvious crazy person. But where was Mike? The one class they did share was in the morning. School was about to let out for the day, and they did have Glee that afternoon. Maybe she’d find him in the choir room.

As luck would have it, Mike was heading off to his locker to put away some textbooks since he was done with his assignments due the next day. Free period was when he finished most of his homework, which was nice because that way, he could have time for sports and Glee.

“Mike.” Rachel called as he walked past her. He didn’t look in her direction and kept walking, causing her to jog after him. “Mike!” She tried again, but still he paid her no mind. The brunette was starting to get annoyed with the boy, when she saw what the problem was. He had his headphones on underneath his hood.

How could she get his attention now?

Mike stopped and looked around having seen movement out of the corner his eye. That’s when Rachel decided to make her move. She reached for his shoulder making him shiver.

Had anyone else been in the hall, they would have seen Mike Chang fall to the ground. Had anyone gone to help him back up to his feet, they would have seen a look of confusion on his face and chalked it up having found himself waking up on the hallway floor, and would have explained it to him as such. But as it was, the expression on his face was due to Rachel finding herself in possession of Mike’s body.

Still in shock on the floor, Rachel began to examine her new environment.

Her hands were his hands. He legs were his legs. Her shoes here his ratty, red Converse instead of her Mary Jane’s. She stood up and would have fallen back to the floor if it weren’t for the row of lockers she painfully slammed into.

“Ow.” Her voice was even his voice. “Wow.” This caused Rachel to giggle. This sound would have been normal coming out of Rachel’s mouth, but very odd coming from Mike. She realized this and straightened up and pulled on his, “her” hoodie. She gave what she thought sounded like a manly cough to clear Mike’s, “her” throat.

“Where to now?” Rachel thought. Like Tawny had said, the identity of her killer was unknown. But she didn’t know what the first step would be in find that out. And could she just hijack Mike’s body? Or was it kidnapping? Whatever the correct term, Rachel did feel guilty about using his body without his permission. But then again, it was an emergency.

Maybe she could leave him a note explaining the situation and leave it in his pocket for him to find later.

Suddenly she doubled over, and found herself on the floor again, this time looking up at Mike. He was leaning on the row of lockers, clutching at his chest and shivering badly. He squinted at her. “Rachel?”

The brunette got excited, despite having just been evicted. “Mike. I need your help. Please.”

He shook his head as if to clear it out. “No, no… Rachel not you. Is that why you were absent today? Christ, you can’t be dead. I saw you yesterday!” But then the girl he was talking to wasn’t in front of him any longer. He looked around. “Rachel, I’m sorry.”

She was still standing there, confused, waving her hand in front of his face. Maybe this was what Tawny meant by Mike being able to see ghosts “sometimes.” When Mike turned his head again, Rachel’s hand connected with his chin and she found herself in control of Mike’s body once more. She better write that note, before she got booted out again. She pulled out a notebook and pen from his backpack. When she opened the notebook up, Rachel was impressed to find AP chemistry notes written in very neat handwriting. Mike Chang was talking AP Chem. And had a sixth sense? She did not know him at all.

Putting pen to paper, she began to write. But Rachel had no idea where to start. “Hey Mike, someone murdered me and now I’m a ghost. PS, I need your body. Sincerely Rachel.” She sighed and wrote something along those lines and tore the sheet out of his notebook. Then she folded it up and put it in his pocket.

At that precise moment, the bell rang signaling the end of class. Doors opened and released a flood of students happy to be free at last. Rachel stood there, surrounded by students, some of whom looked happy to actually see her. Then she remembered that to them she didn’t look like Rachel Berry but Mike Chang. A bunch of jocks came up to her, and Rachel instinctively flinched.

One of them punched her in the shoulder. Ok…Oww.

“Chang! My man.”

“Hey… you.” Rachel didn’t know any of their names, having previously referred to them each as “Neanderthal” and “Lout” in her mind. She then made some finger guns and pointed them at him.

“Neanderthal” just have her a weird look, making Rachel panic. Did she blow it?

But the other jock just started laughing. “Chang, you always crack me.” He then punched her in the shoulder again, and left with his jock friends, still laughing as the group went down the hall.

And with that, Rachel decided to make her exit. She had her murder to solve. Nothing was going to get in her way.

Except Matt Rutherford waving at her from the choir room.

She was going to just walk away, but he mouthed “Hurry up.” Rachel said. Going to glee even after she was dead? Now that was dedication.

The walking part, now that was hard. She wasn’t used to being this tall. It was like learning to walk again. Rachel imagined she looked like a toddler taking his shaky first steps. She looked down at Mike’s red Converse hitting the linoleum, unsteadily. Finally, she made it through the door of the choir room.

Part 4

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Wheeee, so awesome! I loved the addition of Tawny, and just, yeah. So epic. I love the possession of Mike, and the simple note explanation, haha. More!

There shall be more! And more explanation. I totally made up my own ghost mythos.

I wanna possess Mike... >.> Heh the people I would do with his body. ;) Just kidding.

Yay, Changster. Helping out like the good man he is.

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