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Fic: Echo, Part 2
Never Wrong
Title: Echo
Length: this part
Spoilers:Up to Hell-o I believe, but let's go with season the one to be safe.
Summary: Rachel Berry was dead to begin with.

Disclaimer: I don't own Glee or any of the characters.

A/N: Taken from a prompt at glee_angst_meme. Also I don't really know how to divide this part up into so yeah apologies. Technically this is like part one in my head but based on my outline part 3. Yeah... Alsoooooo. This chapter is kinda weird and full of exposition. Also a short division. Also, Angels.

Warning: Character Death since it is a major plot point.

Echo, the first

Another knock on the door to Rachel's room came. “Excuse me, uh Misters Berry? Sorry to interrupt, but-“

Thomas was about to answer but James beat him to it. “You need to look around her room. I get that. But I expect results. You need to do your job and bring our little girl home.”

Detective Crews only nodded. The word left unsaid was clear to everyone in the room. “Bring our little girl home alive.” And Rachel knew now that this was impossible now.

“I’m sorry,” Rachel whispered and left the room. She was sad to go but she couldn’t stand to see her parents in pain. If she had stayed for a moment longer, she would have there to hear her father.

“Gold Star?” James looked around the room. The other two men gave him questioning looks. “I thought I heard Rachel’s voice.”

Some time later, she ended up back in the halls of McKinley. Even in death it was still tormenting her just as it had in life. Students and faculty were milling around, getting books out of lockers, chatting, sneaking off for a quick make out session before the last class of the day started. Rachel envied them. She stopped to stand in front of the trophy case to stare at the spot their trophy for Regionals would go.

“Would have gone,” the brunette bitterly thought.

In the reflection she noticed some colorful posters. Turning around she could see what they were posters advertising the start of tickets being sold for prom, offering a discount to those who bought them early. Just the first of many things she wouldn’t be able to do now. Like graduate, get married, have children. Or tell Quinn how she felt.

It was funny really. How quickly her feelings for the blonde had changed. There really was a thin line between love and hate. Though she would be hard pressed to know when she had crossed that line. Since Sectionals they had slowly became friends, and Rachel had thought that the possibility to be more than that had been there, if only one of them would just make the first move.

But none of that was going to happen. All because someone ended her life, before she really began living. Rachel clenched her fists. It just wasn’t fair!

Suddenly, some of the lockers nearest to her that were open slammed shut, and the lights flickered. A crack also appeared in the trophy case, cutting right across the New Directions 1st Place Trophy. But when the lights decided to stay on, the witnesses put the weird occurrence up to a strong gust of wind, never mind that no one had felt it. And when the bell rang, students and faculty alike rushed off to their respective classes, leaving Rachel alone, unnoticed, in the hall.

“Well, I guess there go Regionals. A shame too. I thought you guys had a shot this year with your vocals.”

Rachel jumped wit a start. A girl was standing next to her looking at the trophy case as. Rachel looked around, wondering who the girl was talking to. Since there was no one else around, the strange girl had to be talking to her or to herself.

“Yeah. I’m talking to you.” The other girl said as if reading her mind.

“You can see me?” The brunette was excited.

“More like,” the girl paused thinking of what to say “you can see me now. Ghosts can see other ghosts.”

“So you’re a ghost too?”

“In the flesh, so to speak.” She laughed. “I’ve been dying to use that line.” The girl closed her eyes and smiled as if she were giving herself a congratulatory high five in her head.

“How did you die?” Rachel found herself asking.

“So what’s your story? You finally off yourself or what?”

Rachel frowned. “I was murdered.”

“Ouch. That’s rough.” The other girl gave her a sympathetic look. “Look sorry about what I said. Being dead… kinda makes you a jaded. I mean life is wasted on the living, and sometimes you resent them for it. But I guess I shouldn’t talk. I took my own life for granted too. And then I took my own life.” “You’re- you’re Tawny Peterson.”

“Saw that volume of the ‘Clap, huh? Never going to live that cartoon knife down. And I noticed that the jockstraps kept the tradition alive this year.”

“Why are you here?”

“Because I died. Keep up girl.” Tawny shook her head.

“No. I mean still here. Why haven’t you moved on?” Rachel really was curious. If it was such a hell for Tawny Peterson why was she still haunting the high school?

“Fucking figures though right? I kill myself because of this damn place, and I get stuck here. Karma’s a bitch and then you die and become a ghost. But there is a silver lining. I get to haunt the boys’ locker room.”

That didn’t sit well with Rachel. She didn’t want to haunt her high school for the rest of eternity. She wanted to- Well most of the things she wanted were dependant on being alive. So what did she want? Think about it for a few minutes, Rachel had an answer.

She wanted justice. The man that killed her should get what he deserved. He ruined everything. Her plans, her family, her life, all by deciding to end it. Rachel Berry wanted vengeance.

“I need to find out who killed me.”

“Good luck with that.” Rachel’s look of determination faltered. “Well, I noticed you don’t know who it is that killed you. Do you have a plan? I mean, sure you could float around, waiting to trigger some memory but that could take awhile. Then again, you’ve got nothing but time.”

Rachel was getting really annoyed with the other girl. “Then what would you suggest.”

“Sometimes the living can see us. Like that one Asian kid.”

“Tina.” Rachel assumed. If anyone could see ghosts it would be the perky Goth girl.

Tawny shook her head. “No. That other Asian kid. The one with the killer dance moves. Sorry, poor choice of words.”

“Mike Chang?” Rachel was surprised. The guy seemed so normal. He was the last person she would ever think of being able to be a Ghost Whisperer.

“I mean, he can see us. But not always. When he does though, he does these hilarious double takes.” Tawny laughed. “Anyway, I’m off to mess with Mrs. Johnson. She gave me a D once. I do love hiding her stapler.” Tawny waved goodbye and then walked through a wall.

Part 3

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I love it.

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WHAT! It's so not my fault that Mike Chang is so awesome he can see ghosts!

Also there be more... I'm trying to post it.

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